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  • SQL Runner  v.1.0SQL Runner is a small utility that lets you store and run SQL scripts against MySQL servers. This program lets you build Script Sets that contain as many SQL scripts as you want. Each script consists of a test (for determining if the fix is ...
  • Ezdb  v.b2this is a tool/php script which i developed for creating forms and insert scripts from database, this was the basic requirement for most projects i work, a database few select(sql) scripts, few insert(sql) scripts. it creates scripts and puts into ...
  • Twaffy, The Web App Framwork For You  v.1.2Twaffy is a tool for developing web based components which are easily combined into web applications. Twaffy's robust Code Factory generates entire components (HTML templates, Perl Modules, and SQL scripts) from user defined ...
  • Database diagram generator  v.32.2007.08.29sql2diagram converts sql scripts to diagrams in the XML format dia, which can be viewed and further maintained with the dia drawing program. It is a good help for the documentation of a database structure. It provides HTML output as well.
  • DB Designer Fork  v.32.beta5DB Designer Fork is a fork of the fabFORCE DBDesigner 4. It integrates entity relationship design,front-end (you can run queries) and SQL exporting.DB Designer Fork generates SQL scripts for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, FireBird, SQLite and PostgreSQL.
  • Xml2sql  v.0.0.2xml2sql is a collection of Perl scripts used to convert XML files into SQL scripts for creating tables.
  • SqlDoInstall  v.1.7Will help you to install new SQL scripts and keep track of the versions applied to your Oracle database.
  • Oracle PL/SQL executing OS Commands  v.0.6.2PL/SQL executing shell (operating system) commands: OS_COMMAND and FILE_TYPE ...
  • DbDesigner for Linux  v.1.1If you need to build complex SQL databases you will find DbDesigner quite a useful tool.
  • DbVisualizer  v.4.0.4DbVisualizer is a cross-platform database tool for all major relational databases. DbVisualizer enables simultaneous connections to many different databases through JDBC drivers. Just point and click to browse the database structure, view detailed ...
  • Datastream Pro  v. Pro is a database browser and data manipulation tool.
  • PBeans  v.2.0.2pBeans is a Java persistence layer and an object/relational database mapping (ORM) framework.
  • Ora2pg  v.8.9Ora2Pg is a free tool used to migrate an Oracle database to a PostgreSQL compatible schema.
  • PhpPgAdmin  v.5.0.3phpPgAdmin is a web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL.
  • TOra for Linux  v.2.0.0TOra is an open-source multi-platform database management GUI that supports accessing most of.
  • Fortran SQL preprocessor Oracle & Ot  v.1.0Author : André Rezende - Since Oracle stopped to support the Pro*Fortran compiler all the users of this preprocessor don't have alternative to use Embeded SQL ...
  • SQL Media Library  v.0.2.0The SQL Media Library consists of a set of scripts to feed a MySQL server with tag information about media (i.
  • 44 Scripts and Tools  v.1.0Scripts with resell rights, built fabulous profit pulling websites This package is full of many popular CGI, PHP scripts you can use to create fabulous website Select from affiliate scripts, classified ad scripts and more. Automate your website.
  • StelsEngine - fast in-memory SQL databas  v.2.0StelsEngine is a fast in-memory SQL engine (in-memory JDBC) for storing and processing tabular data in Java applications. Using StelsEngine, you can make processing data in your software considerably easier and quicker. StelsEngine is as easy to use ...
  • StelsEngine - fast in-memory SQL database (in-memory JDBC)  v.2.0StelsEngine is a fast in-memory SQL engine (in-memory JDBC).
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